security camera

Security Cameras

Security Cameras have become as normal in everyday life as wall clocks, exit signs, and smoke alarms.

You can’t be everywhere at once, but your video surveillance system can.

Whether you are in need of an infra-red (IR) outdoor dome camera to keep an eye on your house, business or yard while you are out of town, a license plate camera to keep track of every vehicle that enters your gated community, or an indoor wall mount camera, GatePower can provide a versatile and dependable system to suit any budget.

Rugged, compact, with an attractive design and all-weather performance. These features make up our range of high quality Surveillance Cameras. The cameras are useful for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Suitable for installation in almost any environment, the camera systems we use have proven effective in the most demanding site locations, such as casinos, correctional facilities and schools.

Our Cameras

Using the latest in modern technology such as Video Analytics, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), High Definition security cameras and IP (Internet Protocol) based CCTV equipment, you can be sure our systems are always at the cutting edge of CCTV security.

Our surveillance systems provide outstanding image clarity, powerful and easy-to-use features, and simplified access to live and stored video.

For Your Home

Professionally installing a security camera system will  make  your  home  and family safer and will reduce your insurance costs.

Watching your home and family has never been easier when you use our surveillance cameras system. Watch who is going to your house, what they are doing when they coming  and  left  while  you’re out  on  the town.

For Your Business

Business owners who invest in surveillance equipment can save money and make sure that their investment is safe from thieves.

Video surveillance also provides valuable insights into your operations that would otherwise be unattainable and should be an integral part of your company’s security plan.

In addition to providing a visual record of incidents at your company, the presence of surveillance cameras can be a powerful deterrent.