security gates

GatePower designs, manufactures, installs and services a large variety of highly reliable and cost effective steel and iron automatic gate systems for high traffic industrial applications. Our gates meet or exceed the most demanding strength and reliability specifications in the industry.

We only use the highest quality hardware to complement our custom gate systems. Our gate operators are ideal for heavy-duty industrial & commercial environments. Our custom gates are specifically engineered to our customers’ individual security needs by our experienced staff.

Swing Security Gates

Swing Security Gates can be opened manually or be automated. They will close openings of up to 24 feet for a single gate and up to 48 feet with use of a double security gate. These are ideal for locations where there is not enough room to roll or slide a gate (like alleys or where the access road is right along the perimeter). They will always look good at an entrance.
GatePower swing security gates are manufactured from the highest quality materials by skilled craftsmen to meet the highest standards of workmanship in the industry. All are welded with reinforcing corner gussets for unparalleled strength and durability.
No matter what type or style of fence you choose, matching security gates in standard and custom sizes are always available to match your fence design.

We ensure that the gates and automation equipment can withstand even the highest amount of traffic flow to protect your business effectively.

Sliding Security Gates

Sliding Security Gates provide a unique, high-security solution and are common in larger commercial & industrial applications. For a variety of reasons as sliding gates can either be single-leaf or twin-leaf and they do not encroach into the driveway or yard area as they slide either side of the opening. Where there are rising driveways, sliding security gates are ideal since they do not have to “rise up” the driveway and provided there is sufficient room for one or two leaves to slide in one or either direction beyond the opening.
Sliding Gate Systems are the most secure automatic gate systems around, as due to their operation and positioning, when closed they are almost impossible to open. They are held in place by the tracking system, drive motor, and other features of the installation, such that they cannot be wedged apart except by extreme force.
Sliding Gates normally run back and forth on grooved or circular wheels along a level horizontal beam fitted with a channel. The motor will drive the gate back and forth using a rack and pinion mechanism on the gate, powered by a cog at low level on the gate motor. This configuration however does require that the ground is relatively level and that a steel beam can be sunk into the ground the full length of the gate in both the open and closed positions. Any sliding security gate in such circumstances requires to slide at least its own width either side of the opening, also taking into account the width of the motor.
An alternative method of operation is the Cantilever System. Here there is no sunken steel beam the full length of the gate plus itself again. Instead the entire security gate is suspended on a relatively short cantilever system involving wheels set in a channel (rather like the wheels of a train carriage). The “overhang” of the gate beyond the opening is usually around 30% to 40% of the nominal gate width and the entire gate pivots on the cantilever wheels. It then operates by running back and forth on these cantilever wheels. The gate motor principle is the same (i.e. toothed rack and pinion), with the motor being located in roughly the same position as with a standard sliding gate system.


All our work and services are undertaken to a high specfication and all equipment comes with a two year warranty.