gatepower wood gates

Are you looking for high quality Wooden Gates for your path or driveway? We can help. We have a variety of wooden gates to complement every home including engineered timber to improve strength. This substantially reduces incidents of warping and twisting. Whether you are searching for Driveway Gates, Field Gates, or Garden Gates, we can accommodate your specific requirements. All our gates are manufactured and assembled by hand to each client’s requirements.

Automated Wooden Gates or not?

We offer both standard wooden gates and automated electric gates.

Sliding or swinging?

There are many wooden gates options available from swing to sliding gates, matching pedestrian side gates, inset doors in gates and more.

Your Choice of Wood.

Our gates come in a choice of materials from pressure treated softwood to hardwoods including Idigbo, Sapele, Iriko, Cedar and Seasoned Oak. You can then have them stained or unstained, varnished or unvarnished, painted or unpainted.


There are many wood and wood/iron mix designs of gates available to suit your personal requirements. Shapes available include arched, bell top and flat top.

The wooden gates joints are mortised and tenoned, the gates are manufactured and assembled by hand, which means each one receives individual attention. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, we have wooden gates to suit budgets of all sizes.


We stock a large range of accessories including locks, intercoms, fixing kits and latches to create custom made wooden gates that cater for your every need.

We are happy for one of our engineers to come and do a free assessment and costing of your needs without any obligation on your part. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can help you to choose the best wooden gates for your particular needs for your home or business